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this is no ordinary innovaiton workshop

Ready to shake things up with your team or organization? Break free from the usual best practices and pave your own path. Identify outdated rules and norms, then craft new ones that work for you.

How it works :

Learn to apply the noble art of rule breaking in your organisation. To break away with the conventions that are holding you back. And to choose a path that you really believe in. Combine real life team workshops with self-directed online learning to have a real impact. 

Below you find an example of how it can look like. But everything can be tailored to your specific needs.
1. Kick-off
Individual learning
We start with a 3,5 hour kick-off meeting with the entire team. The goal is to get people excited to start doing things that have a real impact. Together you identify conventions that guide your business on a day-to-day basis, but really don't serve any purpose. (How about a weekly check-in that usually takes 3 hours?) Then, in smaller groups you set-up concrete experiments to break these conventions and replace it with something that works for you.
To create a lasting impact, we have another team workshop. We follow up on experiments, share learnings, and celebrate progress. You look ahead to keep your rebel flame burning as a team.
Team members get access to the School of Rule breaking platform to develop the skills that are interesting them. Whenever and wherever it fits them. This serves as inspiration and input to follow up on their rule-breaking experiments from the kick-off session. 

What others have to say...

"A Rule-Breaking Eye-Opener! What a fantastic and very interesting way to deepen our understanding and start changing things! Very insightful! Thank you Coen."

Henriëtte Rietman - Participant in workshop

"Interactive, good energy, clear examples. Really learnt something new. Immediately kicking into action as well, exciting to actually change something ;)"

Diewertje Roukema - Student

"A good argument for how to effectively bring about change in norms. New surprising knowledge. And attention for deviant opinions within the group"

Francesco Melita - Participant in workshop

Ready to book a workshop? Or want to learn about prices, or what Rule Breaking can mean to your organisation or team? Get in touch!