Classes :

All classes are designed to help you turn your frustration or anxiety into concrete action. Don’t expect a lot of theory; we like to keep things practical. With loads of real-life examples from real rule breakers. Classes are completely online, so you can learn the art of rule breaking whenever you want, wherever you want.

Each month, a new class is released. In April 'Speaking Up!' will be unlocked.

Core Rule Breaker Skills 
The Activist Track
The Pioneer Track
Change Maker Track


Core rule breaker skills

Master the core skills for any rule breaker: conquer fear of the future, choose your battles wisely, embrace uncertainty, and communicate your vision effectively.


The activist

Classes for those who want to challenge the status quo. Learn to join and organise an effective protest, create a buzz and build momentum for the change you want to see.


The pioneer

Classes for those who want to create new solutions for a better future. Discover your entrepreneurship, generate bold ideas for a better future, and turn those ideas into reality.


The change maker

Classes for those who want to accelerate the change they see happening around them. Inspire others to follow your example and let positive change diffuse into your community.