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Being concerned with all the problems you see in the world can be very lonely. You might feel like you're the only one who's giving a damn. But you're not alone. At the School of Rule Breaking you connect with people who, like you, want to create a more just, healthy and beautiful world. Here, we value you for who you are.

"Challenging the Status Quo is just better when you do it together!"

How does it work ?

Rebels with a cause are found in every corner of the world. So, naturally, we gather and connect online.
We do so in 2 ways:
  • Open Blackboard
    Are you looking for a sparring partner to help you think how to best tacle your rule breaking challenge? Do you want to share something inspiring you've found online? Do you feel like celebrating your successes? Or do you simply need to blow off some steam, because the people around you are so damn resistant to change? On our open blackboard (fancy name for an online forum) you find a space to discuss whatever you want.
  • Online gatherings
    Nothing beats real human contact. So, we regularly organise online gathertings, where you can connect with your fellow rebels in real time. Usually, you will break up in small groups to share stories, have fund and to support each other in your rule breaking endeavours.  

rules for rule breakers :

Even Rule Breakers need some rules. Think of it as a code with principles to guide your behaviour. To make sure the School of Rule Breaking is a place where everyone is welcome and feels safe to learn together.

fight the issue. not the person.

You will encounter people with different opinions. That's normal, cause we live in a messy, complex world. Keep your eyes on the ball: fight the opinion. Respect the person holding it. 

Making mistakes is part of the game. Learn from it.

When fighting for change you will make mistakes. That's not something you should try to avoid. It's part of the process. So better learn from it. And to forgive each other. 

Support each other.

Breaking rules is hard enough as it is. So give each other a bit of support. Nurture each other.

You are responsible for your own actions.

Always keep in mind that you are responsible for yourself. We can offer each other guidence, but you will be the one to decide what to do with it.

Foster trust.

Trusting relationships where you can show yourself as you are are a basis to evolve. And treasure the trust that is placed in you.

Foster trust.

Trusting relationships where you can show yourself as you are are a basis to evolve. And treasure the trust that is placed in you.

be hopeful.

It's easy to get cynical about big social issues. Unformtunately, cynicism won't change a thing. Try to imagine a better future. And find hope to get there.
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Different types of communities

There are different ways to connect to your fellow rule-breakers. From small support circles to larger tribes of people with the same interest of background. 

Within these communities you can connect with others via discussion boards and via regular online sessions

Community type


Join a circle to support and inspire you as you a fighting to challenge your own status quo. 

Circles are small groups of around 6 people. They meet regularly to support and encourage each other. They help you to put your plans into action, and follow through when things get tough.  

You can only be a member of one circle. 

Community type


Join a tribe to dive deeper into a specific topic, to translate insights into action, and co-create change with others.

Tribes are communities of students who share a similar interest. For instance, there are tribes for people who are dedicated to fighting the climate crisis. And for people who want to shake things up at the company they work. Or for people who are living in a certain country.

You can be member of multiple tribes. 
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